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November, 2019

So here goes…the new website is almost done. What’s missing is the Contact page as well as some more street photography categories and relevant content for the portfolio. The Constant Reader will have noticed that this isn’t my first attempt at building a website and an accompanying blog for my photography. I don’t want to make long excuses, but let me just say that WordPress wasn’t love at first sight.

So what’s changed?

Not much, necessarily, but as I was getting more serious about the whole photography thing, I realized that I needed a portfolio site to properly show off the work of the last couple of years. As I explained a little on the About page, I also want to use the blog to provide some behind-the-scenes information on the shots I publish on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. The idea really came from my Flickr Friends who had asked for explanations on how some of the street shots were created. This means for the future that I’ll have to keep in mind to take additional photos to use for behind-the-scenes blog posts. I’m sure for now I’ll be able to find enough material in my Lightroom catalog, but it’s definitely going to be better to shoot with the behind-the-scenes blog in mind.

If I had to put my finger on it, I’d say that this was my very first street shot. Taken May 20, 2014.

Photograph by Christian Stops ©2014

The image above is, in my mind, the starting point of my more serious street photography efforts. It dates back to May 20, 2014. The link takes you to the shot buried deep in my Flickr photo stream.I re-edited it for publication here, so don’t be surprised to find that the version on Flickr has a split toning effect on it and looks quite different. I guess I can say that I was young and didn’t know better! I liked the slightly warm tone for my street shots back then. Seeing them like that today always gives a pang of nostalgia. In all honesty though, I think the effect has outlived itself. I’m sticking with clean and contrasty black-and-white now. 

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”


I’ve always been good at beginning things and not so much at sticking with them. Photography is an exception, of course. So I’m unsure whether Plato was onto something there! I guess if you don’t even begin an endeavor, there’s zero chance you’re seeing it through.

I also want to make this blog about doing photography when you’re handicapped. I gave an interview to the German street photography magazine Soul of Street a few months ago in which I, for the first time, publicly talked about the topic and I think some people were genuinely interested. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to the interview at this point, but I’ll reach out to the good people of Soul of Street and see if we can work something out.
A wonderful source of inspiration I found recently on Instagram: Anthony Carbajal
He’s also got got a YouTube channel where you can learn more about him and the work he does.

Another topic that might be interesting to write about for the blog are those funny/weird little things that happen to you when you’re out with your camera. I think fellow street shooters will know what I mean!

Should we make disabled people subjects in our street photography?

Photograph by Christian Stops ©2014

Then there’s the other side of things

Are handicapped people in public fair game for street photographers? In my opinion they are! However, as a rule, I like to depict people in empowering situations and that’s especially true when the subject is handicapped. It’s easy, if not to say cheap, to show, for instance, a wheelchair user in front of a few stairs and boom, there’s your “storytelling” picture that shows the poor guy in a situation as predictable as it gets.

This will, I’m sure, be a topic that I’ll revisit here every now and again. Now I can hardly wait to hear what you think! So please have your say in the comments below! Be sure to leave me a comment even if you dropped in just randomly. It would also be fantastic to see comments from some of my Flickr Friends that may have dared to click the link I’ll be putting in the description boxes from now on!


  1. Judy

    This blog is brilliant Chris, it reads like a book you just can’t put down.
    You tell an amazing, moving, gripping story about your life as a wheelchair photographer and about the development of your incredible work.
    You must keep at it!
    I just can’t wait for the next episode.
    Your portfolio is going to take some time to look at in detail, every shot is worth enlarging and studying, especially in the light of what you write in ‘About’ and here in the blog.
    … I’m going back right now to look at more of your shots….

  2. Judy

    .I must just add that the design…the whole ‘look’ of this Website is brilliant… a feast for the eye!

  3. Johanna

    oooooo, bin erstaunt, überwältigt und gefesselt… von deiner Fotografie war ich es von Anfang an, das weisst du… die website ist einfach umwerfend … ästetisch, offen spannend, mitreissend… ich meine alles, ….

  4. Roland

    Thanks to Judy for reminding about your Blog!
    Really superb Website presentation, Christian – very professional. Interesting to read your background and the motivation for your superb pictures. I’ve just arrived here and am looking forward to reading and learning about and, above all, enjoying the pictures.

  5. Roland

    It is wonderful to look through the pictures you’ve posted here, Christian! Such a breathtaking collection – I hope you feel pleased and proud when you look at your work, but never satisfied. If ever we are satisfied with our pictures, we should give up immediately, IMHO. Some old friends amongst your images, to be sure, and some that I either haven’t seen or don’t remember seeing before. This website is so much better for looking through your collection that Flickr. My only complaint is that there’s no facility for adding comments or questions to individual pictures – or is there? Is there a facility for being alerted when you add new content?

  6. Judy

    Roland has said exactly what I think about the Website, and about the blog.
    Everything about it is brilliant.
    It’s easy to use, and as Roland says better than Flicker for looking through your portfolio.
    It certainly would be great to get information when you post a new chapter to the blog…

  7. mags:)

    Not only are you the most amazing photographer, you are also sensitive and thoughtful in everything you do and shoot…I am thrilled that I finally ‘found’ your website and now I not only have the excitement of looking at your photos on Flickr…I can come here too:)
    It’s a really sharp looking website…and really, I love your images so much!
    You are such an inspiration!

  8. Werner

    Diese Seite beschäftigt mich jetzt schon den ganzen Morgen. Hier ist so viel Interessantes zu entdecken. Ich bin dir sehr dankbar, dass du uns die Gelegenheit gibst, dich und deine Kunst kennen zu lernen, über dein bisheriges Schaffen hinaus.
    Weiter so !


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