Flickr Upload: Gott.bleibt.God.stays

This image took me by surprise when I came home to look at what shots I had got from the day. I, of course, remembered taking it but it nevertheless felt somehow remote and even a bit as if it wasn’t one of mine. I must confess that I never even saw that poster on the pole in the first place, but which now, I feel,  is an integral part to the story. The shot gives me a decidedly disconcerting feeling. I think it makes you feel ill-at-ease somehow. It all has to do with that look on the kid’s face, of course. It’s not exactly a look of unhappiness, it’s just very detached and…lost in a way, while being so firmly “attached” to his (her?) mom’s (dad’s) body. And then there’s this whole idea of God who, according to the poster on the pole, remains? I just thought the whole shot was engaging like that and thought-provoking, which is definitely all one can ask of a photograph.