The Lobby. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload: the.lobby

In the wake of Photo Weekend Düsseldorf there were many bigger and smaller exhibitions in the city where great photography was on display. In the case of this shot, we feigned interest in the images exhibited on the various floors of Hotel InterContinental on the Königsallee, which afforded us access to the elevators so we could go all the way up to the tenth floor. That’s where I took this picture and several others with more or less interesting POVs. I wanted to take the opportunity to post some of the images here on the blog. Enjoy!

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  1. I had the chance to be with you as you took these extremely original and interesting shots of parts of the interior of the hotel: Each floor showed the lobby, the various levels, the structures and the veiws from the windows from a different point of view, and from a different aspect: Your talent and skill produced this great series of photographs… Just great to view them here as a collection!

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