The Downpour Part X. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload: the.downpour.part.X

Here comes part 10 in the rainy series. What I liked about this shot was how it transported the feeling of a fleeting encounter with someone during a short but heavy rain shower. There’s no way for you to get back to it and all you’re left with is this shred of a memory…or this feeling of what could have been…I want to believe that this is what I found on my sensor when I got home! 😉

One thought on “Flickr Upload: the.downpour.part.X”

  1. Catch the moment as it flies… you froze this moment in time, when a girl was soaking wet, unprotected from the piercing needles of rain .. she was sharing the space and the moment with other people also wanting to get out of the rain …and with you…but only you were seeing the whole scene and turning it into a connected, homogenous composition.
    I immiedialty thought of the film… ‘I am a camera’… wonder if you know it Chris…

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