Step Into Liquid. BY Christian Stops

This shot I took right after that heavy rain you saw in yesterday’s shot. The sun had come out pretty much immediately and it caused the wet surfaces of the street to glisten nicely. I tried making an interesting composition with people walking toward me. I’ve noticed before that subjects are less likely to pick up on the fact that I’m taking pictures when the sun is right in their faces and they can’t see well. Kinda obvious, I know, but definitely a tip for street shooters starting out. The other benefit, also obviously, is that the light in their faces makes for nicely exposed images if you dial the exposure compensation down to -2/3 or -1. It gives you well exposed faces and darker backgrounds which I like anyway.

So I was doing that when I realized that I was positioned in such a way that people coming from and going to the Köbogen from Shadowstraße would walk close past me. I thought I might just as well take advantage of it and shortly after was able to take the shot you see here…

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  1. Great’ve frozen that foot forever just before it reaches the ground.
    Great angle and low Pov too.
    A mysterious story telling capture…with fantastic contrasts of light and dark with interesting textures, still shiny and wet after the rain.
    A truly unusual and innovative composition… so well done Chris!
    I really love the way each shot is accompanied by useful tips and information ..and the easy going style of writing makes me really want to read it!

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