The Downpour Part VII Intermission. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload: the.downpour.part.VII

I thought this one would be a nice continuation of my rainy day series. The girl seems to be carefully planning her next step in this heavy rainfall and with the streets being wet and slippery. I’m still mostly in the same spot as I was in the other images of this series and I’m pretty sure by now pretty much everybody will have realized that. Anyway, I’m mostly at the 50mm mark of my Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50-f3.5-6.3 kit lens and firing off when I see people pass by that stand out in anyway. With everybody hustling in and out of this downpour it wasn’t too hard a job.

I think I’ll post about four or five more in this series after this and then continue on with a few architectural shots I’ve been meaning to publish.

One thought on “Flickr Upload: the.downpour.part.VII”

  1. Another fantastic rainy day capture Chris. The mood is different in this one… There seems to be an air of resignation, especially in the face of the young woman at the centre of the shot.The people are no longer focussed on hectically escaping the rain, just resigned to the relentlessness of it!

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