The Downpour Part VI Intermission. BY Christian Stops

Well, this one’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Haha…But on a more serious note, I thought the shot turned out unexpectedly well. For one thing, the POV isn’t all that exciting. Her legs, however, are so well defined and accentuated by that smallest of dark outlines courtesy of her pantyhose. The tiny bit of (motion) blur helps the shot out as well, I think. That stride conveys a sense of purpose and the shape of her dress “anchors” her feet nicely on the top of the frame.

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  1. She has got great legs Chris, and those fishnet tights do look sexy.
    Well noticed… and captured!
    Did you happen to notice whether the rain was still pelting down at that moment.😉? That was the subject of this series wasn’t it??

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