Apple Store Geometry. BY Christian Stops

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Waiting in the Apple Store for the rain to let up I was able to capture this girl bending over the products with the interesting geometry of the Köbogen architecture in the out-of-focus background. I think the composition works nicely juxtaposing the soft, natural shape of the girl’s body and hair with the harder geometry in the backdrop and the table in front.

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  1. Well…I have to say again: Exemplary mono street shot!
    The way in which the girl is bending gently over, her back exactly parallel to the geometrical shapes of the sides of the table; the clarity, the contrasts, the wit, the DOF and the composition are simply perfect!
    The shot also has a story… what is the girl looking at so closely…Apple’s prices?
    Added to all that, the blurred patterns of the lines and lights in the roof and of the dark rectangular and triangular shapes from the building beyond the window, frame the capture brilliantly, leaving the girl centre stage.
    A shot for a street photography text book Chris!

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