One Eye and a Lovesong. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload: one.eye.and.a.lovesong

Here is a shot of a couple I managed to grab down by the river. Before spotting these two I had been taking several portraits of what I thought were interesting people always trying to incorporate the lines of the rails you see in this shot. My previous attempts weren’t as successful as I think this is. It appears that the girl’s making eye contact with the camera, thus capturing her attention for a split second away from the guy she’s with. I must say that this type of street portrait is very appealing to me ever since I saw a photo on Facebook in which a dad was carrying his son on his back. The photographer took a portrait of him in profile but the kid is looking straight into the camera all the while he’s resting his head against his dad’s neck. The eye contact is very intense while the contact between the two bodies was as well and I thought this  tension was where the picture’s power lay. I was hoping to achieve something like that here. I hope it’s at least somewhat successful.

One thought on “Flickr Upload: one.eye.and.a.lovesong”

  1. That one eye looking right at you in spite of the way in which the couple are hugging… that split second of distraction and connection with you, is what makes this shot stand out as a very special, tense and witty street capture.
    You one hundred percent achieved the aim you describe in your text Chris.
    Just amazing timing!
    One for the text book I reckon!

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