Symmetry of Love. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload:

Here’s another shot that’s sat on my hard drive for pretty much exactly a year. A Flickr friend was wondering what the people in this shot were doing today. That’s exactly what I love about (street) photography. We capture a split second, make a connection that’s not really there necessarily and generally freeze an emotion in a moment that’s gone the next second. So yeah…the thought of what ever happened after this moment is very special to me and part of the appeal of the whole idea of photography. Besides, this scene just cracked me up! 😉

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  1. So much genuine love and affection caught in one shot is very rare to see!
    A really ace street monochrome capture Chris. Technically fantastic …but above all a simply lovely picture of a moment in time, frozen forever …due to your amazing awareness of what is going on around you on the street, and your ability to click at exactly the right time.

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