Speakerphone. BY Christian Stops

Flickr Upload: Speakerphone

Obviously, what drew me to this shot was the contrast. It was taken indoors in a shopping mall but the light and background made it possible to get the shot pretty much like you see here without the need of a lot of processing tricks. The way to talk on the phone like that in public has become evermore popular, at least I’ve been seeing it more and more recently. This guy was pretty interesting as well with his scar on the cheek, bracelet and baseball cap.

One thought on “Flickr Upload: Speakerphone”

  1. You took a great candid shot of a very stylish guy Chris. Love the cap and the bracelet!
    The contrasts are of course terrific.
    Now you mention it you do often see people holding their phones like this ..
    His thumb seems to be resting on his nose… keeps the phone steady as you speak I guess!
    Another ace street capture!

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