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I encounter this way of standing cross-legged in younger females alot on the street. Imagine my excitement when I saw this girl doing it perfectly framed by the iPhone X advertisement. I was pretty far away but for me this is a situation I find myself in often and I guess it’s why so many of my street shots (and not only street portraits) are shot with the Olympus 45mm/f1.8. Having the pedestrians crossing from left-to-right and right-to-left between me and my subject then gave me the idea to try to use them as a framing element or, at the very least, have some additional dynamic interest in the shot in the form of a slightly motion-blurred person walking through the frame. So I took my position and framed up the composition and then just snapped away seeing whether my shutter speed would indeed give me enough motion blur. I ended up using 1/40s which is just slow enough to blur the passers-by while allowing for a perfectly sharp subject and no camera shake. What’s also a cool effect is the juxtaposition between movement in the pedestrians and stillness in the girl with her smartphone. It sort of conveys a moment of stillness and introspection in the rat race of today’s hectic life.

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  1. This is just brilliant Chris! Fantastic timing and amazing observation!
    The posture of the girl standing with Xed legs, bang in the middle of the Apple advertisement for the iPhone X, is almost too good to be true:))
    So clever to make positive use of the people seen at the sides of the shot… and to get some movement into the picture,as juxtaposition to the girl standing totally still and concentrated on her… iPhone😳.!!(another amazing factor in this capture)
    No wonder your Flicker followers say your street shots are at the very top of the list!

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