Flickr Upload: the.downpour.part.IV

So here’s the fourth installment already in my mini series of shots I took back in September of 2017 in a heavy late-summer downpour. It was an exceptional day in terms of weather. After this spell of rain, the sun came right back out and the day turned into a wonderfully pleasant late-summer day.
All images in this little series I didn’t even get wet for as I stood under the awning of one of the stores. Lots of people were trying their luck heading out into the wet conditions much to my delight, as you can imagine. I think the fact that there was a subway entrance/exit right across from where I was standing played into my hands nicely. Nicely protected from the weather, I had to “ride it out” until the rain abated and I could try and find a different location to shoot. I definitely didn’t want my power chair to get a soaking. I’m somewhat confident that it’s not going to break down on me in a light fizzle, but those conditions you’re seeing here were quite a different animal.

The Website and Blog Returns

Welcome back, weary traveller of the interwebz. My portfolio and blog at has been resurrected from the dead and updated for your viewing pleasure. To be honest, I don’t yet know how the story’ll continue, but I wanna say I’m going to focus more on the content than the style. More substance over wasted time configuring and styling. I quickly gathered the first WordPress theme that looked good, added a picture to the placeholder on top and started typing away on the first entry.

So what are you going to see here, I hear you ask? Well, the ruminations of a street photographer, I guess. I want to talk here about the process of my street photography. I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not I should make my “seated lifestyle” part of it. I decided that the fact that I’m in a wheelchair is so intrinsically connected with my approach to street photography that there’s no way around it. I think I’d enjoy sharing the occasional story around a shot…how I managed to get it or what funny anecdote is connected with it.

I also want to talk about workflow because, honestly, who isn’t a workflow nerd when it comes to processing and cataloging our images. A longtime Lightroom user, I’ve recently started to evaluate Capture One and, 7 days into it, I can say that I really like it. It is better than Lightroom especially dealing with the shots from Fuji’s X-Trans sensor, in my opinion. More on that at another time.

I also like calligraphy and hand lettering a lot but am rubbish at it. That shouldn’t keep me from sharing my endeavors, though, so you might just see the occassional lettering piece here, too. Digital art and painting is another topic I’m interested in and that I could see being part of this blog. I don’t really want to limit myself to anything, to be honest. I’ll just post whatever strikes my fancy. It’s my blog after all! Haha!

I’ve illustrated this post with an older selfie of mine. I thought it showed the street photographer in his natural environment.